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Time [demo] 05:21


:^-5-< Hello >-5-^:
Thanks to you, reader, for buying/acquiring/borrowing/stealing/asking Santa for/copying/distributing/downloading/sharing/liking/
distinctly disliking/tweeting about/asking Brian Blessed for/spoiling/overindulging/enriching/otherwise bonding with this CD.
It’s a collection of demos that I wrote and recorded at home between 2004 (during my GCSEs), 2007 (during my A-levels), and 2009
(during my studies at University of Life). Most of these songs were created on very cheap, brittle and contra-Abbey Road equipment
before I really knew what sound quality, depth, clarity, width, balance, music, ears, criticism or reality were. Hopefully they might still
plant a tune in your head though, or provide vocal entertainment in a Victoria Beckham or Lee Ryan-esque way.
Well, in a Lee Ryan-esque way.

Well, in some sort of way anyway.

I was only 15 years old when I started capturing some of this aural disc-bound frivolity. Now that I’m a youthful (X - Y) years old,
where X = current year and Y = 1988A.D., these recordings represent an era of creation still close to my heart... my lungs, my liver
and, depending on the value of X, my mortgage-paying, family-feeding, ambition-destitute/ambition-fulfilled* arthritic bones.

(*delete at will)

I accept full responsiblity for every bit of writing, singing, instrumentalism (sorry), arranging, recording, editing (really sorry) and mixing of all music and lyrics contained within (sorry, I’m so sorry), except for the following people’s contributions (to whom a great deal of thanks and memories, as well as a lot of eventual chocolate and sugar cubes - probably - are directed):

// Corporate-looking credit text begin -->

Dale Scholey - guitar (track 4)
Ant Henson - guitar (tracks 1, 2)
Dean Scholey - guitar (tracks 8, 10 ,12), bass (tracks 8, 10)
Paul Pietrangelo - bass (track 1)
Matt Grainger - bass (track 4)
Chris Stone - lyrics (track 10), co-lyrics (track 7)
Emily - moral support (tracks 4, 12, 83, 17B, pi)

<-- Corporate-looking credit text end //
These people, in my opinion, had the biggest influence on how their respective songs turned out. Especially tracks 17B and pi.

As well as all of this low-quality power pop punk nonsense, I became known by some people for my ‘vocalisation and frontman’-ery as part of energetic rock band ‘Voice Of Reason’ which was good fun and an exceedingly exquisite example of excellent exercise.

Extraordinary. Excalibur...

Before any of this though, my Sixth Form exploit, and first ever proper band that I co-formed, was called ‘Undercurrent’. Having given our name some serious consideration, we decided that we were immune to any title-based ridicule - until a compassionate peer pointed out its adaptability to “Blundercurrent”, as well as the more biologically offensive “Undercarriage” (as well as a confused ex-teacher’s favourite, “Undertones”). This band gave me some exceedingly exquisitely excellent (exercise, Excalibur) memories,
as well as an enduring musical relationship with long-time friend Ant Henson whose handiwork, as you’ve possibly just read/skipped,
can be heard by means of guitar on this very CD, He’s a proper dude, and now a successful solo artist in his own right. Seek him out, he goes by his own name both online and in the real world.

Some of these Undercurrent songs have actually stayed with me and influenced my writing to some degree since. They were rather indie-pop-rock orientated, tinged with piano and a jangly guitar, but always with an emphasis on vocal melody, which is an angle that I still compose from today. You’ll be pleased to know that this, along with the 4 Ross Noble shows I’ve attended, bowls of pasta I’ve enjoyed, and that interview I conducted with Professor Green, more or less brings us up to the present day.

One final BIG thank you (as in, IQ of David Mitchell or ego of Simon Cowell - this is a BIG thank you), simply must go to my proper good friend Richard Smith. He’s a photographer and ‘Ed Banger’ enthusiast (look them up on YouTube) and has kindly donated to me,
unless otherwise stated, all of the photography you see used on this CD (the front cover, back cover, label, windows, doors etc.). He
metaphorically dug me out of a metaphorical hole when I non-metaphorically realised how bereft I was of usable imagery, just before I was due to release this CD. You should search for him (’Richard S Smith photography’) on Facebook and Tumblr when you have time, just to give him your own personal thank you (I managed to buy him some Toilet Duck before “The UK Toilet Duck Shortage of 2012” hit so I’ve already shown him my gratitude).

In fact, why not also keep in touch with my personal self on MyFaceSpaceBookPlus so that we may all play Farmville together during some sort of raucous liaison.

I’ve never played Farmville. Nor seen Star Wars, But I have made these recordings for you to hear.
- Adam x


released April 24, 2012

All music and lyrics written, recorded, produced and mixed by Adam Scholey at Plastic Parrot Studios 2006-2009.

All instruments performed by Adam Scholey, except:
Tracks 1 & 6 - guitar by Ant Henson,
Tracks 2 & 5 - guitar by Dean Scholey.


all rights reserved



Sounds Like Adam Bournemouth, UK

UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist 2014 & 3-time Semi-Finalist 2012.

The friendly Power Pop Punk Rock writings of a south-coasterly 20-or-30-something, depending on what year this is.

Adam's refreshingly pop-flavoured, punk-tinted, atmosphere-rife, harmonic musters come straight from the heart of "one of Bournemouth's better lyricists" (Rock Regeneration).
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